Why Get Title Insurance?

Title Insurance Protects the OWNERSHIP of Your Property

Title insurance is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. When people buy a home, they commonly assume that they own the property and nothing can ever happen to change that fact. Although it is correct that the home buyer owns the property to the best of everyone’s knowledge, sometimes other information surfaces that will challenge this fact. In such cases, the homeowner could lose part or even the entire property that they purchased.

There are over 70 different ways that you could lose your home. Common claims against title include:

  • A deed executed under expired power of attorney (death, disability, or insanity of principal)
  • A deed recorded but not properly indexed so it cannot be found in the town land records
  • An undisclosed but recorded federal or state tax lien
  • An undisclosed but recorded judgment or spousal/child support lien
  • An undisclosed but recorded prior mortgage
  • Forged deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, or releases

Doesn’t My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover That?

Unlike homeowner’s insurance, title insurance protects your ownership interest in your property. Homeowner’s insurance protects you in the event that there is destructive damage to your property. This includes events such as flooding, fires, theft, and premises liability. Title insurance covers the less glorious aspects of home ownership including defects to title, improperly recorded documents, fraudulent dealings in any part of the transaction, or unknown ownership claims to your property or land.

A Small Cost To Prevent Catastrophic Losses

Unlike other forms of insurance, title insurance does not have any recurring payments. One small payment covers you for as long as you own your home. At Cross Country Title, we make our title insurance pricing as competitive as possible in order to make title insurance more available for everyone. Contact a title insurance expert at Cross Country Title today to learn how our low rates, great service, and comprehensive coverage can help give you peace of mind. Get Started >>